The "Pirovčanka" p.z. with its headquarters in Pirovac, Trg Domovinskog rata 18, is a firm with a broad spectrum of activities.

Besides the trade, retail trade and wholesale trade, it also deals with the manufacture of olive oil, retail of oil and oil derivates touristic activities and catering.

In that way, the "Pirovčanka" with its 30 permanent employed workers is the main economic subjest in the county distrist of Pirovac.

Pirovac as a touristic place counts about 200.000 tourist days in all aspects of accommodations with a tendency of increase every year. That fact gives the special accent on summer season business when the major part of job is done. In that period there is an increase of employees for about 35 percent.

Povijest tvrtke

The "Pirovčanka" Pirovac was founded in 1945 as a farm cooperative which is still even today. Its first activities were tied up with agriculture: production, redumption and sale. Out of these activities appeared a need for opening an agricultural pharmacy.

After that the shops of industrial goods, building material and alimentary shops were opened. During the sixtees the "Pirovčanka" spreads its activity on tourism. In 1969 the "Pirovčanka" begins the production of olive oil on its own. In seventees insures technical prerequisite conditions and includes itself in municipal services. The motor pool is developed and domestic and foreign services are done. In ninetees its retail trade capacities spreads. Under its own etiquette it bottles "the olive oil of Pirovac" which the wholesale trade was developed from. Besides, it becomes the regional distributor for some eminent croatian firms. In 2004. it opens in own direction petrol station "PINA". During the whole history , the "Pirovčanka" continually takes notes of increase which resulted in manifold rise of property.

From the very begining the firm takes part in building the complete infrastructure in Pirovac (water, electricity, doing road asphalt), in construction of public services (post office, ambulance, cinema, pharmacy), development of beaches, arrangement of the place. This firm is the most merited for bringing out tourism, it contributes the lands for building the trade-union rest centres and some other economic subjects in Pirovac.
Because of all this above mentioned, the "Pirovčanka" is the main carrier of economy in county district of Pirovac, and thanks to its own increase and stability, it is accepted as serious business partner.