The "Pirovčanka" Pirovac has its own retail trade series in Pirovac, surrounding places and in Šibenik too. It's about stores of consumer goods and specialized stores.
There are:

- butcher shops
- building material
- textile
- repro-material
- colors and varnish
- hardware
- oil and lubricants


Besides the food stuff and the consumer goods in our wholesale trade we also offer two basic programs:

- The wholesale trade of extra virgin olive oil "Pirovčanka" -the own production
- The program of canned olives

Our own motor pool makes the delivery of goods possible to the cif buyer within 48 hours on receipt of order form.


The fortyfive years long tradition is a guarantee of the quality of our services. The best proof are guests who always come back in Pirovac and who trust us in making their holiday programs.
In our tourist offices in Pirovac and gas station "PINA" and with our partners - agencies in Croatia and abroad, we make summer holidays with guests directly. The accommodation is organized in private apartments and rooms, hotels and campings.
Besides the accommodation services, we also offer services of boarding-house (half-board and all meals included) which are organized in our restaurant "Malo misto", services of selling travel cards, souvenirs, excursions( to National Park Krka, NP Kornati, natural park Vransko Jezero, excursions to the nearest islands), fishing and diving licence, registration and departure of guests, exchange office, we give various information.


Process for production of olive oil
Specialized equipment from Italian company Pieralissi is used for the production of olive oil. The model used is "PANORAMA", with maximum capacity of 1100 kg/h. The equipment is using centrifugal force to extract oil from olive fruits. The production process starts with the weighting of olives, which are then washed in the entry section.
Following this, the whole fruits including kernel are crushed into a paste. The paste is then heated up to 30°C (degrees celzius) over the period of 30 to 45 minutes. When the desired temperature is reached, the olive paste is moved to the section called "decanter".
The decanter is used to separate water and oil from the solids. A mixture of oil and water is then pumped into a section called "separator" where oil is separated from water. The extracted oil is then moved to special containers, where it settles down before being bottled.
The entire process is computerized and monitored from the beginning to the end. The majority of olives, or approximately 90% are sort called "oblica" that originates from the region of Šibenik, Zadar and Benkovac. The rest of fruits are "levantika", "lechino", "picholino" etc.

The packing
Before packing in bottles the oil must get the standard quality for having the title of EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil. The most important parameter of extra virgin olive oil are free fat acids to a maximum degree of 0.8%. The oil is prepared (from own production or from redumption) for packing in inox holders of 5000 l.Before packing the internal analisis as well as external is done at the Institute for public health.The packing is done in dark glass bottles size: 1l; 0,75l; 0,50l; 0,25l.
The oil packed in this way is put in cardboard size 6/1 for 1l; 12/1 for 0,75l; 15/1 for 0,50l and 24/1 for 0,25l.

Petrol station

Modern petrol station on the Adriatic highway on the west entrace in Pirovac (direction Zadar) opened in 2004. Self service; filing 8 cars at the same time. We offer extra light heating oil, blue diesel as well as other known fuel. We also provide (cooking) gas in bottles. You can find everything you need in the supermarket: food, spare parts, oil and grease. You can relax enjoying refreshing drinks and a beautiful view on Pirovac bay in caffe PINA. If you need an accomodation, exchange, information, or some other service. We are also here to help you in our tourist office information.
There is a big parking place for your car.

Our friendly stuff wait for you 24 hours a day - 365 days!

So, please, come and see us.


In catering we have several offers:

- Restaurant "Malo misto" is situated in centre of Pirovac. Except the closed part with the capacity of 120 sitting places, there is a summer terrace with 500 sitting places and live music too. Every day except prepared meals, there is also a la cart meni. With excellent cooks and gentle and expert staff, you are going to enjoy in gastronomic delicacies which are offered in exceptional atmosphere. Besides classical services, we give banquets, organize parties, wedding celebrations, presentations.

- Coffee bar "Navigator", also in centre of Pirovac, is an extremelly modern place, favourite gathering of young people, specially during the summer time when except classical services we also offer rich programs, prize games, parties, guest performances.

- Cofee bar "PINA" is situated within petrol station "PINA" at Adriatic highway at west entrance in Pirovac. On beautiful terrace you can enjoy in unrestrained view at Pirovac bay.

- Coffee bar "Sumpre?quot; is situated on the main beach in Pirovac in shade of centuries-old pines. Besides these summer refreshments we still have atractive volley-ball on sand, coctails, ice-creams.